What Type of Pump Do Car Washes Use to Pump Grit Out

There’s nothing better than pulling out of the car wash behind the wheel of your sparkling clean vehicle. It probably doesn’t happen often enough, so when you do go through the car wash it’s a total makeover. There may be dried mud caked to the undercarriage of your car that is finally loosened and falls off. The dirt and grime that had built up on the bottom half of your car is finally gone. As the carwash rinses the grit away, you may be too preoccupied with seeing your actual car color again to notice where all that debris is going once it hits the pavement.

The grit that leaves your vehicle doesn’t just disappear. Car washes have a special grit trap to collect all of the dirt, grit, silt, and oil that leaves yours and other cars.

If not pumped regularly and properly, car wash traps can overflow and create problems for city sewer mains. An overflowing grit trap would also leave carwash owners unable to continue running their business! In addition, some of the debris from cars may contain hazardous material (lead, different oils, etc.) and once collected needs to be disposed of properly.

In order to keep a grit trap from overflowing and to dispose of waste, car wash owners need to pump out the sludge. This is most easily done with a pump! As you being looking for a pump for your car wash, let the professionals at Pump Sellers help you choose exactly the right pump for the job. You want something that can pump any number of solids and debris, while also holding up in the car-wash environment. A submersible pump, or sewage pump may be a great option!

If you are a car wash owner looking for a pump to clean out your grit trap, it’s important to make sure you have the proper pump for the job. Not only will it help keep your business running smoothly, but it could keep you safe from the law too. Depending on where you live, car wash owners are required by law to pump their grit out at certain intervals. If not, you may be in trouble legally. Whether it’s once year, or more or less often, be sure to check with your local regulations and know what other regulations you need to follow. Pumping out your grit isn’t the only thing that’s regulated. There are usually guidelines for how to properly dispose of your grit and sludge as well. To help you safely dispose of your everything that collects in your grit trap, make sure you have a properly working pump.

Pump Sellers have made it their goal to become the largest distributor of pumps. If you’re looking for a company that has set themselves apart from the rest, look no further. With knowledge and expertise within the pump industry, you can be confident you’re getting just the pump for your needs.

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