Irrigation Pumps – The Secret to a Perfect Lawn

The perfect lawn – it’s what every home owner strives for each summer. Nothing is better than having lush, vibrant green grass for your kids to play on, or to tickle your feet as you relax in a patio chair. But achieving a perfect lawn can be a challenge. You’ve probably geared yourself up for countless hours mowing, trimming, fertilizing, and weeding. While these are all important parts of lawn care, there is one thing that can make the biggest difference for your lawn, and it’s water.

Properly watering your lawn will give it the life it needs to make your yard an oasis all summer long. Your lawn needs about 1 and a half inches of water per day in the summertime, and your sprinkler system works hard to make sure your lawn gets that water. While rain water helps, you can’t rely on it completely. Without a good, properly working sprinkler system, you’ll be left with a brown, dead lawn after the summer heat has had its way with your grass.

But what if your sprinkler system isn’t pulling its weight? You may think the sprinkler heads needs some adjusting. Try using low-volume, low-angle heads to apply water as efficiently as possible. When water sprays close to the turf, less is lost to evaporation. If you see any mist or fog coming from a sprinkler head, you’ve got your water pressure up too high.

If you’ve checked your sprinkler heads and the fit that criteria but your lawn seems to be suffering, you’ll want to check your irrigation pump. That’s right, your sprinkler system has a pump! It helps to disperse the water throughout your sprinkler system and to each sprinkler head. If you have an irrigation pump, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the correct one for your lawn and its needs.

To have the proper irrigation pump, you’ll need to know the amount of lawn you are watering. Once you know your square footage or acreage, a pump specialist can help you find the perfect irrigation pump.

Did you know your irrigation pump can be used for other things besides irrigation? If you have the right kind of pump, you can actually use it as a booster. When you do this, you can increase your water pressure for other uses besides watering your lawn. Do you enjoy washing your car in the driveway during the summer? Your irrigation pump can give you extra soaking power! If your green thumb extends beyond your lawn and into a bountiful garden, you can also use your irrigation pump to give your garden a nice refreshing drink as well.

Proper lawn maintenance, the occasional fertilizing, and plenty of sun will give you a great lawn. But the secret to a perfect lawn is proper watering with an irrigation pump. If you want an exceptional irrigation pump, be sure to talk to the experts with Pump Sellers. After that, sit back and enjoy that luscious green lawn!

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