How to Clean Up After a Flood

How to Clean Up After a Flood


If you’ve recently had any flooding you’re probably wondering what to do first. You’re left in a mess with damage to your home. And you’re no doubt dealing with the stress and emotions that come after watching your home flood without being able to stop it. While it is easy to feel overwhelmed, it is important to focus on the task at hand – cleaning up. The sooner you’re able to clean up, the less long-term damage will be done to your home. Here’s how to clean up after a flood.


#1. Check for Safety

Before you begin cleaning anything, you need to make sure the situation is safe. Make sure you disconnect the power or unplug anything electronic. The last thing you need is for someone to get hurt on top of the mess caused by a flood!


#2. Call Your Insurance

Before you do too much, take a few photos of the damage and contact your insurance. Your insurance may cover the damage, and it is important to get that process started as quickly as possible. If time is of the essence (which it is when dealing with water damage) try delegating cleanup-tasks so that you can start a claim, but also start cleaning up soon as possible.


#3. Mitigate

If you have furniture that is wet or important documents, get those out of the water as quickly as possible. Anything of value that can be saved should be moved to an area where it can begin to dry out.


#4. Remove the Water

Once you’ve gotten some of the most important items out, it’s time to remove the water and prevent further damage. You can use buckets to haul the water out, or towels and mops to soak the water up and wring it out elsewhere. These methods are effective but they are very slow and tedious. A much more effective way to remove the water is to use a sump pump. At Pump-Sellers we suggest this pump for a flooded home. The Tsurumi LC1.4S It is a great way to get water out of your home quickly, so your efforts can be used to clean up other areas. It can pump the water down to 1/16 inch where other submersible pumps would leave up to 1 inch of water.


#5. Dry the Area

Once the water is gone, you need to help the area dry out as best as you can. Open doors and windows to get air circulating. It’s also a good idea to rent fans to help dry things out.


#6 Prevent

Once the area is dry, you’re going to want to continue your cleanup by disinfecting everything to prevent mold growth. Cleaning up after a flood is exhausting and hard work, and you’re probably wondering how you can prevent the situation from happening again. Pump-Sellers offers the best submersible pumps around. When installed, they sit undetected beneath your basement floor. If water ever gets to a certain level in the sump, the pump automatically turns on pumping the water away from your home. To keep your family and your home safe from flooding, contact Pump-Sellers today! 

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