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Model – Tsurumi TPG-7000HDXE Generator

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This Tsurumi TPG-7000HDXE, designed durable enough to be used on construction sites and in industrial settings, is perfect for providing power to electronic tools and singe-phase submersible pumps.



Model – Tsurumi TPG-7000HDXE Generator

Power Outlets: 6 Watts: 7000 Weight: 205 lbs. Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.5 G. Noise Level: 78 dB Max HP: 13 Running Time Full Load: 5.5 hours



– Automatic Idle control to reduce fuel consumption – Powered by Honda OHV engines for fuel efficiency and oil consumption. An oil alert system will shut off the motor if the oil falls below safe operating levels – Large air filter for superior emissions control – High capacity fuel tank with fuel gauge for extended run times – Large, silent muffler with USDA qualified spark arrestor to greatly reduce noise – Rubber vibration pads isolate the generator/engine vibrations for maximum protection and noise reduction

All Tsurumi Pumps come standard with a 2 year warranty from date of purchase.

Additional Information:

SKU TPG-7000HDXE Model: TPG-7000HDXE Discharge Size: No Voltage: No Horse Power No Ships within 24-48 Hours Maximum Time in Transit N/A


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